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Weekend Yoga

Kickstart your weekend and come join us for some early morning yoga and a healthy breakfast!

WHEN: 24th April - Sara Larsson

WHEN: 1st May - Sara Larsson

WHEN: 7th May - Kristin Ellner

WHEN: 8th May - Sara Larsson

TIME: 9.30 - 10.30

LEVEL: Easy/Regular

TEACHERS: Kristin Ellner & Sara Larsson

OBS! For bookings please contact the teachers directly.

Limited spots available!
Contact us for booking.

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upcoming events

Little Bakers Workshop

Sign up your talented young baker for our very popular 'Little Bakers Workshop!' Here we polish their natural talents and teach them the joy of baking, decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies...and even eating healthier!

Keep a look out for new dates :)

Happy baking!

With love,
/Sabah & Melody

upcoming events

Art shows

Are you an artist? Would you like to show your work at the Cakery? We have some lovely walls that are always ready to support artists of all genre. Here are some things good to know:

  • The shows are approximately 3 weeks long, starting on a Saturday at 12.00.
  • The artist is responsible for hanging and taking down their own art. So please bring all the required equipment.
  • The artist is also responsible for insurance of their work since we dont offer any for damages caused to the artwork before, during or after the show. On the other hand, the artist is responsible for fixing any serious damage caused to the walls of the Cakery. (Small holes dont count)
  • The artist will be responsible for promoting the art show on social media, contacting the newspapers or any other promotional campaigns. The Cakery will promote the show on our social media outlets.
  • We dont charge any commission or take payment for displaying the artworks, and 100% of the sales proceeds go to the artist.
  • The Cakery keeps one piece of artwork that we decide together with the artist. The art work will be a permanent display at the Cakery as a part of Cakery’s portfolio of artists and continued promotion to the artist.

Interesting? Send us a short bio of yourself and your art with pictures, medium or anything else you deem relevant. Goodluck and we look forward to hearing from you!

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