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Vegan & Gluten free Julbord

Time for our Julbord again! And as always it will be vegan and gluten free, and Oh! so delicious! A little bit of Swedish tradition and a little bit of other exciting new dishes to try.

Please join us these three Saturdays in December:

  • 3:e Dec kl 17-19
  • 10:e Dec kl 17-19
  • 17:e Dec kl 17-19

Last date to book: 27th Nov.
To book call: 076-170 94 51 or 076-018 15 15

Pris: Vuxen 575 kr

Barn: 5-12 år 300 kr

0-5 Eat for free.

Looking forward to hearing from you

upcoming events


Did someone say burgers and beer?? We want music, and music we shall have! Imagine this, 28th of October, kl 19.00 at Little Art Cakery. An exclusive ’Around The World’ DJ-set with Slim Vic feat. Catterfly! Slim will present an eclectic selection of vinyls with sounds from all over the world. With burgers and beer! What could be better? The music will be wild, the burgers will be insane.

Entry: Pay what you want.

Burgers & fries: 150kr

Beer: (3,5% and under, alcohol free available) Varies.

** Limited number of seats **
** no drop-in, only pre-booked seats **

Do yourself a favour and book a spot now


upcoming events

Art on the walls:

A collective portfolio of all the artists that have displayed their work some time or the other at the Cakery. The exhibit will be up from the 28th of October till the 18th of December.

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Weekend Yoga

Kickstart your weekend and come join us for some early morning yoga and a healthy breakfast! Upcoming dates will be posted here.

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Little Bakers Workshop

Sign up your talented young baker for our very popular Halloween Workshop! This year the kids will be making some creeEeepy Halloween Monster bars! All materials are included! The kids take home their yummy creations after the workshop.

OBS! Please mention any allergies your child may have and we will do our best to accomodate them.

3:e Nov Kl 17-18

Pris: 250 kr

Ages: 6-14 yrs

Email us to register your child (last date: 1:a Nov).

With love,
/Sabah & Melody

upcoming events

Art shows

Are you an artist? Would you like to show your work at the Cakery? We have some lovely walls that are always ready to support artists of all genre. Here are some things good to know:

  • The shows are approximately 3 weeks long, starting on a Saturday at 12.00.
  • The artist is responsible for hanging and taking down their own art. So please bring all the required equipment.
  • The artist is also responsible for insurance of their work since we dont offer any for damages caused to the artwork before, during or after the show. On the other hand, the artist is responsible for fixing any serious damage caused to the walls of the Cakery. (Small holes dont count)
  • The artist will be responsible for promoting the art show on social media, contacting the newspapers or any other promotional campaigns. The Cakery will promote the show on our social media outlets.
  • We dont charge any commission or take payment for displaying the artworks, and 100% of the sales proceeds go to the artist.
  • The Cakery keeps one piece of artwork that we decide together with the artist. The art work will be a permanent display at the Cakery as a part of Cakery’s portfolio of artists and continued promotion to the artist.

Interesting? Send us a short bio of yourself and your art with pictures, medium or anything else you deem relevant. Goodluck and we look forward to hearing from you!

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