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The following flavours are for cakes, cupcakes and cakepops. Each flavour can be converted to vegan, gluten free( made with almond meal) or both. All our goodies are custom decorated according to your wishes. Just like any work of art, each cake we make is unique and individual in design.

Please note: Since we work with nuts, eggs, regular flour and other traditional ingredients, there's always a chance of contamination. But we do our very best to keep your baked good 'clean' :)

Cupcakes on white plate.

Jazzy Berry (Hallon, Blåbär, Björnbär osv. or according to season)

– Berry cake topped with our berry infused buttercream and a berry.

Birthday Surprise! (1)

– Classic white cake with hidden chocolate chips topped with our vanilla bean buttercream.

Birthday Surprise! (2)

– Dark chocolate sponge with vanilla bean buttercream.

Summer Love

– Vanilla bean cake with elderflower infused strawberries, topped with vanilla buttercream.

Berry Intense

– Chocolate cake topped with raspberry buttercream and chocolate ganache.

OMG! Chocolate (70% Cocoa)

– Rich chocolate cake, dipped in ganache and topped with our chocolate buttercream.

Lemon Passion

– Lemon cake infused with passion fruit topped with a refreshing swirl of lemon buttercream. Flavour edit: 'Local Tart' Add white chocolate buttercream to get a sweeter version!

Choca-Mocha Nut

– Chocolate cake topped with chocolate buttercream, chopped hazelnuts and drizzled with melted chocolate.

A Thousand Kisses

– A white cake with luscious raspberries frosted with a white chocolate buttercream.


– Brown sugar and cinnamon swirl cake topped with cinnamon buttercream.

Mint Chocolate Chip

– Chocolate cake topped with our refreshing mint buttercream.

Caramel Apple Crumble Pie

– Apple infused cake topped with our creamy caramel buttercream and drizzled with homemade caramel sauce and crumble.

Carrot Top

– A gluten and lactose free carrot cake packed with flavour, topped with a creamy cardamom frosting.

Honey Almond Blitz

– A delicious combo of almonds sweetened with honey and a burst of lemon! Its a gluten, sugar and lactose free cake full of love and flavour!

Orange and Cranberry

– A gluten, sugar and lactose free cake with a cranberry sponge and a zesty orange buttercream.

Blanco Noir

– Dark chocolate sponge with a white chocolate buttercream. Flavour edit: 'Berries in the Snow' Add raspberry compote to get a tangier version.

Virgin Mojito

– Lime cake with lime buttercream with mint drizzle.

Pink Sunrise

– A zesty lemon sponge sprinkled with raspberry jewels with raspberry and lemon buttercream, topped with decadent white chocolate buttercream or ganache!

I Dream of Caramel!

– Our personal favourite! Chocolate sponge draped in caramel buttercream, chocolate shards and our homemade caramel sauce.


Standard cakes

Decorated with simple flowers or chocolate & fruit depending on the flavour.

Standard cake servings and prices:
6 pieces- 16cm 452 kr
8 pieces- 18cm 658 kr
10 pieces- 20cm 857 kr
12 pieces- 22cm 1035 kr
14-16 pieces- 24cm 1227

Contact us for bigger sizes and prices. (OBS!! Wedding cakes have a different price list and need to be ordered via personal consultation)

Tiered / alphabet / number cakes cost 110 kr per serving, minimun size, 15 pieces.
(OBS!! Wedding cakes have a different pricelist and need to be ordered via personal consultation)
Themed cakes: Cake size + fr. 250 kr (depending on detail)
Sugarpaste figures on cakes: fr. 175 kr/st

Standard cupcakes

Decorated with a buttercream rose and simple fruit or chocolate depending on the flavour. Extra decor includes flowers, sprinkles or smaller sugarpaste motifs.

Cupcake price: 68 kr/st, extra decor: 80 kr/st (minimum order 6st per flavour)
Mini-cupcakes: 40 kr/st, extra decor: 50 kr/st (minimum order 12st per flavour)


(Special reduced prices for larger orders, contact us via email)

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